Professional paint only water-based

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Hello, we are sincerely recruiting regional agents nationwide. Fujian Yibang New Materials Co., Ltd. specializes in producing water-based paints, water-based varnishes, water-based art paints, water-based wood paints, water-based home improvement coatings and other environmentally friendly products.

Environmental protection advantages: Now people are more and more fancy about environmental protection. Yibang water-based coatings have passed EU and SGS environmental protection testing. Like the pungent paint smell in the workshops of many crafts manufacturers, it seriously affects the health of employees, making many employees reluctant to continue this job. If the boss changes the water-based paint, the workshop does not have a pungent smell, allowing employees to work hard. healthier.

Cost saving: Yibang water-based paint only needs to add tap water. It can be added to 40% tap water to dilute and spray, which saves the cost of thinner (Tina water) for oil-based paints and makes the factory pressure less.

Technical update: Yibang water-based coatings have been updated, and have developed weather resistance, aging resistance, UV class 5 or above, so the problems of oxidation and fading have been improved.

Recruitment agent: Fujian Yibang New Materials Co., Ltd., with a wide range of products and strong pertinence, can conduct product training for franchisees, and specialize in allocating products to various markets, so that franchisees have more professional markets and enhance competitiveness . Regional management, only one franchisee in the same area



Professional paint only water-based


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