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Demystifying the cause of the stickiness of waterborne wood paint

In the Internet era, many consumers will choose water-based wood paint to renovate furniture at home! However, some customers will encounter the phenomenon of adhesion between paint films, paint films and packaging, and the surface of paint films will change significantly . So why is there such a phenomenon of sticking back? Let's analyze it together!

Why does water-based paint become white after construction and how to prevent furniture water-based paint from whitening?

In life, we often find that after painting wood paint with water-based paint, the paint film appears milky white, or the wood grain, substrate, and background color are not clear during drying or after drying. This is why the water-based paint becomes white. Very affect the value of furniture! So why paint water-based paint on wood will turn white, how to prevent water-based paint from turning white? The following Xiaobian will explain in detail for everyone.

What is water-based metallic paint? How is water-based metallic paint applied?

As the concept of environmental protection is getting stronger, water-based metal paints are widely used due to energy saving and pollution-free, and the relatively low cost! For example, metal renovation on home improvement such as rusted iron doors, old windows and doors, rusted fences, etc. But many People do not know what is water-based metallic paint, how to paint it?
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Professional paint only water-based


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